Tabby Main Coon Cattery

Welcom to CharlotteFonfon Cattery!

Hello, my name is Helena and for as long as I can remember, I have been an animal lover!
My first Main Coon appeared in our house at 2017. He is a beautiful Tabby male called MARTIN. After he came to live with us I fell in love with this breed of «gentle giant», their friendly personality, and whole day “talking”. But I wasn’t seriously thinking about becoming a breeder.
First, I started researching about Maine Coon history, learning about their characteristics, bloodlines, genetic disorders, grooming, and showing. I educate myself as much as possible about this fascinating breed.
I decided to start a small Maine Coon cattery in our home when I bought a beautiful female named Mishelle.
Being a Maine Coon owner makes me feel very special!
My goal as a Maine Coon hobbyist breeder is to raise the healthiest, best-socialized kittens as possible, that’s why our kittens are treated as part of our family. I’m very happy that my children are sharing in my passion for cats. They support me in daily care about them, teach and play with them all free time long.
I’m happy to answer any questions you may have! Learn more

Main Coon Cattery